DDQuties Ballet/Tap:

Our DDQuties will learn the RAD Primary Syllabus which develops their physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is known worldwide for its training, constant updates and engagement with dancers.

While learning basic tap sounds our DDQuties will start to develop their musicality and learn to identify basic rhythmic sequences. It will also help to strengthen their muscles and allow them to develop great balance and coordination.

DDQuties Jazz:

Jazz is a fantastic way to build strength and improve fitness in young dancers with this high tempo and energetic style.

DDQuties Acrobatics:

If your little one loves to do cartwheels and is always upside-down Acrobatics is here for you!  Acrobatics refines motor skills and coordination while developing balance and body awareness. 

DDQuties Hip Hop/Level 1:

Calling all the groovers – come and show your moves off in our Hip Hop class. Hip hop is a great style for all little dancers to really find their groove. Loved by both girls and boys this style will be fast, fun and interactive.