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READY, SET…DANCE is a performing arts syllabus designed specifically for preschoolers ages 2 – 3 years and 4 – 5 years.

With a major emphasis on fun and creating confident little people, this syllabus is the first stepping stone on your child’s dance journey. It will be your child’s favourite hour of the week.

They will just love balancing bean bags, working as a team with the parachute, singing on the microphone, putting on a puppet show and playing musical instruments.

READY, SET… DANCE is designed to appeal to girls and boys, where each class captures the attention of all preschoolers, from girls who love to twirl on their toes, to boys who like to bust some moves.


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DDQuties is a fun program to introduce dance to toddlers.
Our DDQuties is a fun way to start introducing ballet & tap, jazz & acrobatics to pre-preps and preps.  This is a fun, creative, caring enviroment, where our little dancers get to explore the foundations of dance.


 Acrobatics, Tumbling & Acrobatic Art Exams

Acrobatics is an important aspect of the performing arts and is very beneficial in the flexibility of the dancer. DDQ offers classes from beginners through to elite and ages range from 6yrs up. We offer dedicated Tumbling Classes for our dancers with qualified teachers experienced in spotting techniques and progressions. All classes are conducted on mats and with the use of our Air Tumble Track for the safety of our dancers.



All ballet classes are based on the ROYAL ACADEMY of DANCE graded syllabus. The RAD promotes a strong understanding of ballet technique and is the largest examination and teacher training syllabus in the world.



With its foundation firmly placed in the ballet world, movements are used to show strength and sustainment all the while interpreting music and story telling.



Lyrical has become one of the most popular styles here at DDQ. Students are encouraged to create an emotional connection from body to song as the more advanced dancer progresses.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is very rhythmic heavy beats and rap style music is used to encourage students to ‘loosen up’ and explore their inner ‘swag’! Hitting accents with force and abandonment make for a very good physical workout while having fun and releasing that inner ‘Diva’ or ‘Gangsta’.



All the latest music combined with the latest moves, Jazz is definitely one of the most popular dance classes at DDQ.



While learning basic tap sounds through graded levels, students will learn to identify basic rhythmic sequences and eventually more intricate syncopation within a variety of musical phrases.


DDQ Elite

DDQE Dancers will participate in a part- time program:

  • Saturdays 8.00am – 1.30pm

The aim of DDQE is to offer our gifted, dedicated dancers an intensive part- time training program to take their technique and performance standard to the next level. This will be done through professional tuition in a caring and encouraging environment. The program offers a well rounded, balanced training curriculum of classical ballet, pilates, contemporary with lyrical and jazz.



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